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Author: ashleyrs

Civilization, American Indians, and the Noble Savage Myth in French Colonial and American Discourses

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If you weren’t able to attend our panel at the American Studies Association Conference (November 15-18, 2012) in San Juan or if you were and would like a second look at my presentation, the links to the paper and PowerPoint are included below.  Please note that the PowerPoint is intended…

The Bunker: Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

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Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris,  François Mitterrand Site There are several sites of the Bibliothèque Nationale: François Mitterrand Richelieu-Louvois Musée de l’Opéra Arsenal La Maison Jean Vilar To get to the François Mitterrand site, take Line 14 on the Metro toward Olympiads.  Get off and follow the signs toward the Bibliothèque.  When…

Moving Beyond Stereotypes: Gender, Islam and the Middle East

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An article worth checking out: Mounira M. Charrad, “Gender in the Middle East: Islam, State, Agency,” Annual Review of Sociology. Vol. 37: 417-437 (Volume publication date August 2011) First published online as a Review in Advance on May 3, 2011 Abstract: The scholarship on gender in the Middle East takes…