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Computational Methods for Restorative Data Justice: The Case of Early Modern Algeria (AHA 2023)

Posted in News and Notes, and Percolating Ideas

The case of Algeria, a palimpsest of overlapping Berber, Roman, Arab, Ottoman, and French legacies, highlights the problematic nature of colonized archives and the question of what decolonizing data means in such a context. In this talk, I extend arguments for archival decolonization to the age of big data by offering a definition of restorative data justice and presenting two methods by which we may begin this work.

Detecting Latent Textual Bias with Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis (DH 2022)

Posted in Digital Humanities, News and Notes, and Percolating Ideas

Presented at the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations annual conference, 2022, Online. Abstract Bias detection is an emerging area of research for digital humanists, computational linguists, and information studies scholars, alike, who point to biases inherent in our algorithms, software, tools, and platforms, but we are only just beginning to…

From the Margins to the Center: A Method to Mine and Model Complex Relational Data from French Language Historical Texts

Posted in Digital Humanities, News and Notes, Percolating Ideas, and Research

Presentation for the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Annual Conference (9-12 July 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands) Long Abstract ­­In humanistic research, Named Entity Recognition is highly useful, but it mines surface data, rather than revealing the complex nature of relationships between these entities. Named Entity Recognition (NER) extracts the names of…

Visualizing the Birth of Settler Colonial Empires with Multimodal Digital Historical Research Methods

Posted in Digital Humanities, News and Notes, Percolating Ideas, and Research

Slides Long Abstract Digital historical research methods have transformed my understanding of primary source materials with which I am already deeply familiar. As the Director of the Digital Research Studio at the Claremont Colleges, I employ computational methods, such as text analysis and data visualization, to interrogate historical sources in…

Settler Colonialism Uncovered: A New DH Project on the Horizon

Posted in Digital Humanities, and News and Notes

As a Cultural Heritage Informatics fellow, I am taking the first step toward making information about two prototypes of settler colonization – the United States and French Algeria – available for high school and undergraduate students and educators, as well as early-stage researchers and the general public through a website,…